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CILATE-500 CAPSULE Products Description Cilate-500 is Calcium Dobesilate 500 mg capsules, a synthetic product which exerts significant effect on the underlying pathological causes of the symptoms of venous diseases Available as 500 mg capsules in Aluminium Blister of 10’s capsules. Pharmacokinetics Nourishes the blood vessels, helps in the proper functioning of the vascular system particularly the veins, helps in the repair and maintenance of the blood vessels. It is mainly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. It is metabolized and excreted by the kidneys via urine and feces. Pharmacodynamics Reduces capillary hyper-permeability, reduces oedema by stimulating lymph and reduces vessel fragility and thus strengthening them. Reduces blood hyper viscosity thus restoring normal flow. Prevents platelet hyper-aggregation, thus formation of clots. Precautions • Calcium Dobesilate should be used with caution in patients suffering from duodenal or peptic ulcer, and recurrent gastric irritation. • It should not be used in the 1st trimester of pregnancy since there are no clinical trials that approve the role or contraindicate it. Used with caution in lactating mothers. Contraindication Hypersensitivity to Calcium dobesilate and in children Indications • GP / Physician - Heaviness in legs, leg cramps, Ankle edema, Varicose Veins, Diabetic foot ulcers • Surgeons – Hemorrhoids • Gynecs - Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins • Othopedics - Chronic Venous Insufficiency • Opthalmologists - Diabetic Retinopathy Dosage 1 capsule twice in a day for 3 weeks and followed by 1 capsule once a day at least for a month, After meals. Dosage should be individualized depending on severity of the case. Side Effects Mild fever, Gastric irritation, Skin rashes, nausea. Cilate-500 and pregnancy Can be given safely in pregnancy particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. But should be administered under a gynecologist supervision and only if the potential benefits justifies the potential the potential risk of foetus. Not advisable in lactating mothers.

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